The Roadmap To Family Recovery

available 1 september 2024

In The Roadmap to Family Recovery, Constant Mouton MD, guides families on a transformative journey towards recovery.

This step-by-step manual for families of people with addiction (and the professionals helping them), provides up-to-date, evidence-based, best-practice strategies and practices for finding recovery for everyone in the family. The chapters are filled with psychoeducational content, worksheets, and exercises to guide families (and therapists) toward a life of family recovery.

If you are a relative this book will inspire and guide you towards finding recovery for your loved one, yourself, and your family.

If you are a therapist and you help families cope with the addiction of a loved one, this book will help by structuring sessions, providing psychoeducation and helping the families you work with, find recovery for everyone involved.

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In The Roadmap To Family Recovery, psychiatrist and family interventionist Dr Constant Mouton takes families on a transformative journey of finding recovery for their loved ones, themselves AND their families.

Families of people with addiction are often desperate for help, isolated and, at the same time, relentlessly assisting the person with the addiction, forgetting themselves in the process. Finding help for a loved one with addiction can be a daunting endeavour. How do you speak to someone about their addiction? How do you motivate them to accept treatment? Is an intervention essential?

Once the addicted loved one enters treatment, the family is usually forgotten. Their loved one will undergo addiction treatment and start to live a life of recovery. Their recovery will help them to react differently to their emotions and thoughts, behave differently, and their coping mechanisms change. Being in recovery offers the individual a new, healthy way of living and being in the world. Unfortunately, families rarely get the opportunity to heal from the effects the addiction had on them and recover in the same way and ath the same time as their relatives who receive treatment.

However, if the family does manage to recover and heal with the person in the treatment, they meet each other in a place of whole family recovery. A place where every member of the support system has similar knowledge, skills, and support for what addiction has done to them individually and as a group. Everyone has the same language about addiction, understands how boundaries work, and has similar ideas about supportive communication and mutual support. This helps everyone in the family and prevents addiction from spreading in the family and even to future generations. Recovery and all the benefits thereof should be available for everyone who deals with addiction, directly or indirectly.

Dr. Mouton’s work instils hope and helps families access resilience in their loved ones, themselves, and their families. He firmly believes that recovery should be accessible for the entire family, as collateral recovery notably enhances the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

Constant Mouton

psychiatrist | family interventionist | author

About the Author

Dr. Constant Mouton is a psychiatrist, therapist, family interventionist, and author. He founded Mouton Mental Health, a private mental health practice in The Netherlands. He also serves as a consultant psychiatrist at a prominent Recovery Centre and is the director and senior trainer at ARISE® Consulting, Europe.

Trained as a (neuro)psychiatrist in South Africa, Dr. Mouton’s work is uniquely rooted in cross-cultural understanding. He harnesses the families’ strengths, cultural heritage, religion, and spiritual beliefs to comprehensively understand and treat the individual and the family. The Southern African philosophy of Ubuntu, “I am because we are,” permeates his work as he strives to restore the connectedness within the individual and the group.

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